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  • 9/3/2012

    What is ArbiterConnected?

    ArbiterConnected is a subscription service for busy officials, giving them additional functionality that makes it easier to get information from ArbiterSports even when they're away from their computer.


    Is ArbiterConnected an app?

    No.  ArbiterConnected allows you to access ArbiterSports mobile from any mobile device.  ArbiterSports mobile is optimized specifically for these devices.


  • 7/19/2010

    From your account you can set dates and times you are unavailable, select teams for which you prefer not to officiate, set the sites you prefer not to visit, choose postal codes to which you prefer not to travel, select partners with whom you prefer not to officiate, and set a general travel limit you prefer to stay within. Generally, assigners will not assign you to games that conflict with your settings without contacting you first.

  • 7/5/2010

    Once you are signed in the system, you may want to take the following actions:

    1. If allowed by your admin, Block Dates when you can’t work.  Your admin might also have some other blocking options available to you.

    2. Make sure your personal information is accurate by clicking the Profile Tab.

    3. Mark yourself as Ready to beMore...

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