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Monday, September 03, 2012

What is ArbiterConnected?

ArbiterConnected is a subscription service for busy officials, giving them additional functionality that makes it easier to get information from ArbiterSports even when they're away from their computer.


Is ArbiterConnected an app?

No.  ArbiterConnected allows you to access ArbiterSports mobile from any mobile device.  ArbiterSports mobile is optimized specifically for these devices.

ArbiterSports does not have an official app.


Will ArbiterSports mobile work on my phone?

ArbiterSports mobile has been designed to work with most web-enabled devices.  We offer a 14 day free trial of ArbiterConnected to test it's compatibility with your device.


Can I still access the full site from my phone?

Yes.  We offer you the option of viewing either ArbiterSports mobile or the full site from your mobile device.

While majority of ArbiterSports' full site features work on a mobile phone or tablet, we do not support the full site on these devices.


How do I purchase ArbiterConnected?

1.  Sign into your account.

2.  Choose Connected from the tabs menu.

3.  Click Sign Up Now on the right side of the screen.


Do I have to buy ArbiterConnected for each group I belong to?

No.  Your ArbiterConnected subscription is linked to the email address you use to sign into ArbiterSports.  ArbiterConnected applies to all groups you registered to.

If you use multiple email addresses to keep your ArbiterSports groups separate, you would need to purchase a subscription for each account.  To avoid this, we recommend merging your accounts together before purchasing ArbiterConnected.


Can I purchase ArbiterConnected from my phone?


1.  Go to the mobile site and sign into your account.

2.  Click Get Connected Now.

3.  Choose a subscription and payment type then click Continue.

4.  Confirm your selections are correct then click Continue.

5.  Enter your payment information then click Pay to finalize the purchase.


I have ArbiterConnected but I'm not receiving text messages

In receive text message notifications, you must list your cell phone's carrier.  You can update your phone number information by choosing Connected or Profile from the tabs menu.

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