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What should I do first?

Monday, July 05, 2010

Once you are signed in the system, you may want to take the following actions:

1. If allowed by your admin, Block Dates when you can’t work.  Your admin might also have some other blocking options available to you.

2. Make sure your personal information is accurate by clicking the Profile Tab.

3. Mark yourself as Ready to be assigned once you have set your availability and other blocks by clicking the check box located on the at the top right of your Main tab.   If you don’t have this checked, your admin might not assign you to any games.

4. When your admin assigns you to games, you will receive a notification email.  Then it’s up to you to accept or decline games, if allowed by your admin.  To do this, you must view your game schedule.  On the right side of your game schedule, you will see accept and decline check boxes.  Once you are finished marking the games, be sure to click the Submit button to submit the changes and have the games accepted or declined.

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