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Friday, November 06, 2009
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Assigner Preferences

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User Preferences for Assigners

The primary assigner can set the listed preferences below to optimize their assigning environment. 

Time Zone  - The time zone can be set for the area in which your organization resides.

Page Size - Setting the page size will affect the number of rows displayed on screens where the page rows can be changed.  I.e. - Games screen.

Date Range - Allows a date range for the current season to be set.  When generating reports the starting and beginning dates will be default to this value.

Game Time Step - When editing a game's start time, steps of every 5 minutes are shown.  That value can be changed here to eliminate the number of time values on the pull-down.  Acceptable values are 5 through 60.

Official Travel Limit - Changes the default travel limit for new officials.  The normal default is 999.

Import Games From - A list of game scheduling brands that have contracted with to allow the share of information.  To allow games from any of these vendors to be imported into your games file, highlight all brands that your schools or leagues are utilizing.

Number of Days Officials Have To Accept Games - When a game is published the value set here is added to the current date to determine the published assignments' ACCEPT BY date.

Enforce "Accept By Date" - When this setting is checked the system will enforce the ACCEPT BY DATE on each assignment by automatically removing officials once the date is past.  Officials are generally removed between midnight and 4:00am of the night of the ACCEPT BY DATE.  When removed the setting for 'When Officials Decline Games' will determine if the official is then blocked for the dates for which assignments were automatically removed.

Do Not Allow Officials To Decline Assignments - When this setting is checked official's assignments are automatically accepted when the official views their schedule.

Lead Official To Submit Game Report - This setting designates which official on a game is responsible for submitting the game report: 'The Official who has the highest rank in the lead position' or 'The Official in the lead position'.

Allow Non-Lead Officials To View Game Report - By selecting this preference the assigner can allow non-lead officials to VIEW (only) the game report.  

Allow Contacts To View Game Report - By selecting this preference the assigner can allow contacts to VIEW (only) the game report.

Allow Officials To Set Self-Assign Start Date - By default Self-Assign shows the first fifty (50) self-assignable games starting with today's date.  With this option checked officials will be able to select future start dates to view self-assignable games.  This setting is only applicable if Self-Assign has been allowed.

When Officials Decline Games - This setting determines what happens with an official's availability when they decline a game.  The assigner can set the preference to block the official the 'Whole Day', 'Leave Day Open' or Block Game Time Range'.














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