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Many families run into a problem when Mom or Dad (or both) officiate and they have children that also officiate. The most common issue is that Mom and Dad want to get the emails that the children get about games and assignments.  However ArbiterSports keeps track of an individual using the email address and entering an the same email address for another person causes an issue when ArbiterSports combines the accounts into one. While this is a very handy feature for most of the people that use our software, it leaves parents in the dark.

There is however a work around that will help families out. Google offers a free email address call Gmail. Gmail hold the secret to making this work. Gmail has a few features that once setup will make managing the emails very easy.

The first thing to do is get a Gmail account. You may already have one or need to set one up. With that in place you can use Gmail’s + feature. You can add a + then what ever you want after. So if your address is Andersonfamily@ you can use . You can use this as your Arbiter login. Each member of the family can use their own,  All of these email’s will come to the same account in Gmail but using them as user email in ArbiterSports, each email will be a different username.

The last step is that in Gmail you will want to create labels for each family member, and then a custom filter to apply that label to emails that come in with the custom email address.  If you don’t do this is, it may be tough to know who each email is coming to. These filters can also be made to forward the emails for a particular person to another email address.

Creating Labels-

                Once logged in to Gmail click on the Labels button at the top and select Manage labels. The page you are taken to will have a section that will allow you type in a new label name and then create it.

Creating Filters –

                In the top right hand corner click on the setting tab. Then click on the Filters tab. You can click the Create a new filter link. Here you can enter the custom To field and click the next button. Then check the box for what you want it to do. You can select the apply the label and select the label that it will need. You can also set it to forward that email to another email address.


A second option is to have each family member get a Gmail account and forward all emails from the Assigners to the email of a parent. While this is an easier setup it also has a little more room for error if the assigner changes their email or if an email comes from anther user.

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